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Smokey Bubbler Filter Tip


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You asked for it so we delivered you the best American made bubbler for all your hand rolled needs! Designed with the classic spill proof chubbler technology with a modern Purr twist, we delevoped a new and smooth way to smoke all your hand rolls. There's nothing like it on the market, it's totally unique in it's easy to use streamlined style. Watch as the horzontal chamber milks up with smoke while the water filters & cools through the mulitple perc chambers & delivers effortless, flavorful, big hits! Designed for a natural grip, the carb hole is located on top of the chamber for universal access while helping keep your hands smelling fresh and smoke away from your eyes. And when not in use, our Smokey Bubbler stands on it's own, designed with a flat bottom so nothing rolls away from you. And the added pinches at the joint holder filters debris & ash or it allows you to use this mini bubbler as a One Hitter if you're ever out of papers too! Upgrade your smoking game by getting this ultimate multi-functional Smokey bubbler for your rolls & experience the Purr difference! 




Add water to your Smokey Bubbler by adding water through the carb hole located on the top of the chamber. Fill until the water line touches the bottom of the first inside chamber, this is your maximum fill line. Pro Tip: If you're getting water in your mouth, the chamber is too full. Remove your roll, etc. and blow out the excess water through the piece, clean it out & repeat filling the chamber again to the max fill line. Place your roll inside the tip, about 1/4" of the way up and enjoy!



Product Information 


  • For use with a 1/4" diameter roll placed inside the tip
  • For use with a 1/2" diameter roll wrapped around the outside of the tip
  • Three ash catch pinches
  • Product sits flat on surfaces
  • Pipe Dimension: 5" x 1"
  • German Schott Glass
  • Handamde in California
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