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  • MININAIL™ Universal Quartz Hybrid Micro ENail
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MININAIL™ Universal Quartz Hybrid Micro ENail


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The MiniNail™ Micro is the best enail of choice, making torchless smoking available anytime. Each unit is proudly pre-calibrated for the most accurate temperature precision, giving you consistent, even heat & better burning so you get the highest quality smoking experience every time.


Just pair it with your rig of choice! MiniNail is a trusted expert in the field of electric nails & craft their products using highly educated & informed methods & materials. They even undergo regular titanium certification, which you can see their published here. Finally, a trusted, reliable, high performing & safe enail that's American made! Built for all day, every day use.


MiniNail™ Quartz Hybrid Enail Includes:


  • Micro Controller Unit in Black or Gold
  • Flat Heating Coil
  • 25MM OD Quartz Dish Tops - 2
  • 20MM Titanium Dish Top 
  • Ti Heat Spacer
  • 16MM & 20MM Slug Adapters for Heater Coil
  • Universal Male/Female Ti Adapters for use with 10mm -19mm male/female fittings
  • 20mm Ti Anodized Tool/Carb Cap
  • Titanium available in Gold or Rainbow
  • Non-stick silicone pad/mat
  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in Seattle, Washington


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