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Large Double Basic Bubbler


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No more coughing or harsh hits when you smoke. With our genius Double bubbler design, filtration is the focus and that’s why this pipe delivers such smooth, clean hits! You get two times the benefits of our signature bubblers, all in the same handheld size. If you’re all about big bowl capacity, longer sessions and less frequent re-loading, then the largest of the Doubles is perfect for you! You’ll get the smoothest, large and hydrated hits out of this bubbler, easily making this your new every day pipe.



3 Top Doubled Up Advantages:

  • 2x more filtration with 2 Angle Cut Showerhead Downstems
  • 2x more cleaning capacity in 2 separate chambers - with use, the front chamber becomes noticeably dirtier first!
  • 2x more smoke capacity in a convenient handheld sized pipe


Product Information:

  • Push bowl design
  • Perc: Two, fixed, Angle Cut Showerhead Downstems
  • Carb: Hole on left
  • Pipe Dimensions: 6 ¼” x 6” x 2”
  • Handmade in California
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