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Smokey Basic Filter Tip


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Inspired by vintage cigarette holder feels, this basic Smokey Filter Tip is loaded with benefits to instantly add luxury to your smoking experience! Just add our filter tip to any of your hand rolls to take easier, bigger and smoother hits all while avoiding stubborn smells on your fingers and smoke in your eyes.


And being made of glass, our filter tip is easy to clean and reuse, ensuring you get the cleanest, natural flavors when you smoke compared to its wood, metal, plastic or paper filter tip alternatives. Plus, it can also be used as a one hitter hand pipe or chillum! It’s too easy to find multiple uses for this versatile filter tip, so enjoy finding your perfect use!



Product Information:


  • Three ash catch pinches
  • Pipe Dimensions: 2” x ½”
  • Handmade in California
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